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The Effects of Group Reminiscence Therapy on Loneliness and Spiritual Well- being among Residents of Kahrizak Nursing Home
Fatemeh Noghani, Elham Navab, Abbas Mehran, Lila Yaghobi *
Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Tehran University of Medical Sciences Tehran, Iran , fatemeh.yaghobi1376@yahoo.com
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Introduction: Maintaining and improving the health of the elderly people as a vulnerable group should  further be considered. Loneliness is one of the most common complaints of the elderly that can cause serious consequences on their mental health. The present study was designed and implemented with the aim of determining " The Effects of Group Reminiscence Therapy on Loneliness and Spiritual Well- being among  Residents of Kahrizak Nursing Home ".
Method: The present study is a non-randomized clinical trial that has been done on 83 elderly residents of Kahrizak nursing home who were qualified for participating in the study in the year 2017. The samples were non -randomly selected and subjects were divided into two experimental and control groups. The control group received no treatment. 6 reminiscence sessions were carried out according to the Watt & Cepplize protocol in experimental group. The data collection tools include Demographic and Plutozion-Ellison spiritual Well- being questionnaires(in previous studies in Iran, content validity and internal reliability were performed with Cronbach's alpha of 92%) and Russell loneliness questionnaire (in previous studies in Iran, content validity and internal reliability were performed with Cronbach's alpha of 78%). In analyzing samples, descriptive statistics was used to calculate central indexes and dispersion and to prepare frequency distribution tables. Analytical statistics was used to test the hypothesis of the research with the help of one of independent t-test, paired t-test, Chi-square, Fisher and ... tests. Data was analyzed by SPSS24 software.
Results: The findings of this study showed that there was a significant statistical relationship between all demographic variables in both groups, except partner life situation variable (p=0.385) in which there was no significant statistical relationship. The result of analysis of covariance showed that the variables of loneliness (p=0.335) and spiritual well-being (p=0.385) have influenced on loneliness (p<0.001) before treatment and spiritual health (p=0.054) after treatment.
conclusion: The results of the study showed a clear relationship and effect of reminiscence on loneliness and spiritual well-being of the elderly people. Considering the effectiveness of memory retrieval, it can be used as a simple, easy, inexpensive and applicable therapeutic approach in all treatment and care centers for the elderly or individually at home. And we can expect this approach to be welcomed by the elderly, family and members of the care team.
Keywords: reminiscence, loneliness, spiritual Well- being, elderly people.
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Type of Study: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing | Subject: nursing
Received: 2017/06/18 | Accepted: 2017/07/24 | Published: 2018/04/8
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Noghani F, Navab E, Mehran A, yaghobi L. The Effects of Group Reminiscence Therapy on Loneliness and Spiritual Well- being among Residents of Kahrizak Nursing Home. IJNR. 2018; 13 (1) :47-56
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